8 Mistakes to Avoid When Assembling Furniture

Whether moving into a new home or revamping your existing space, assembling furniture is a task many homeowners and DIY enthusiasts willingly take on. The thrill of turning flat-pack furniture into a functional piece of decor is genuinely rewarding, but why juggle with Allen keys and instruction manuals when you could be relaxing in your newly assembled chair? 

Common mistakes can transform furniture assembly from a dream into a disaster.  If you feel you’re ready to assemble furniture,  make sure to avoid these eight mistakes:

1. Not Reading the Instructions

It’s tempting to rely on instinct, but when assembling IKEA furniture, the devil truly lies in the detail. Manufacturers often provide crucial information on the very first page that can save you an unscheduled workout. These instructions are painstakingly created to guide you through the process hassle-free – ignoring them can lead to backtracking and potentially damaging your new piece. Take a few moments before you start, and familiarise yourself with the steps. It’s the wisdom of the carpentry world you’ll thank yourself for later.

2. Skipping Tools and Hardware Check

Starting without confirming you’ve got all the necessary tools and hardware is like setting off on a road trip without a spare tyre. It’s only a matter of time before you hit a snag. Before you start, lay out all your tools and ensure you’re not missing any crucial nuts or bolts to avoid last-minute disappointments or trips to the hardware store.

3. Ignoring Safety Precautions

Safety isn’t a sign of caution; it’s a hallmark of intelligence. Wear protective gear to guard against unexpected accidents and clear a dedicated workspace to afford yourself the luxury of safety, which is especially important when dealing with heavy or sizable items. Ensure your workspace is well-lit and clutter-free to minimise the risk of accidents. And, if the instruction manual points out any safety tips, heed them.

4. Rushing Through Assembly

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your new bookcase should take its sweet time, too. Rushing can lead to missed steps, improperly fitted parts, or breakage. Pace yourself; furniture installation is as much about the process as the result. Double-check each step and remember that careful assembly now prevents a world of wobbles and repair work down the line.

5. Mixing Up Parts

A bolt is a bolt, right? Wrong. Some parts can look deceptively identical, and confusing piece A with piece B is easier than you might think. Prevent mix-ups by grouping and labelling similar parts during your initial checks. Save yourself the headache of dismantling half-assembled furniture just to swap two similar screws.

6. Overlooking Weight Limits

Your new chest of drawers might look sturdy, but every piece has its limits. Disregarding recommended weight capacities can have disastrous results, not only for your furniture but potentially for your possessions and personal safety. Consistently distribute weight evenly and be mindful of the furniture’s intended use – it can make the difference between a lasting addition and a short-lived disaster.

7. Disregarding Professional Help

If your motto is ‘If I need help putting together furniture, I’m not doing it right,’ it might be time to reconsider. Sometimes, elbow grease and determination aren’t enough, particularly with complex assemblies. The savvy move is to acknowledge the complexity of the task and enlist an expert’s help. A furniture assembly handyman in Manly can guarantee that your prized pieces are perfectly put together without the risk of self-assembly errors.

DIY assembly can be rewarding, building not just chairs and tables but also confidence and skill. Remember these eight pointers on what not to do, and you’ll pave the way for an efficiently furnished living space. And if you hit a wall, professional services are available at Get A Handyman to carry the load for you, especially in the Manly area. Ultimately, it’s about turning your house into a home, one well-constructed furniture piece at a time.

Ready to get started but looking for a helping hand? Contact Get A Handyman for professional and attentive furniture assembly services.